The new novel series by Rohit Chouhan is releasing in May

Rohit Chouhan is the co-founder and CEO of Codesler

In the month of Fab, Rohit Chouhan launched the poster of New Novel Book, Happy Hackers Day. In which it was told that it will be launched in April. But was it launched? The answer is no.

Rohit Chouhan told that he had finished the novel in half, but since the corona epidemic has come. Since then, there has been a strong emphasis on their work.

They said that they had an interview in the month of April, so a week moved them to its fairy, as well as work on their company Codesler has increased. Due to the lock-down, all digital servers are approaching Codesler, for this reason, it took them time to launch the book.

But now they say that they will launch the book by May or June, or after the lockdown is over, this book will be available on Amazon and Google Play, as well as on many platforms, and you will find it in your market. You can go and buy