Rohit Chouhan

How to convert your MySQL Database into CRUD REST API

What is CRUD

CRUD is an acronym that stands for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE. These four database commands are the foundation of CRUD. This acronym is well-known among programmers, but many software developers view it as more of guidance since CRUD was not made as a modern way to create API

Why Crudigniter

There is single API for everything to perform CRUD, use can easily create record on database with POST, to read with GET, to delete for DELETE and for update PUT. You do this from multiple platform and application because we know this is power of API.

Installation and Use

Just copy the whole program its developed in Codeigniter 4, and add created database and implication from App/Config/Database.php or root/env, make sure you renamed env to .env. There are some classes in App/Controller don’t delete it.

Follow Complete Documentation Here

GitHub Repository: rohit-chouhan/crudigniter


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