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Rohit Chouhan

WinRAR Lifetime License Key

Step 1: Create a New Text Document file Name rarreg.key

Step 2: Paste the following data in rarreg.key and save it

RAR registration data
Unlimited Company License

( OR )

SalesPage: WinRAR download free and support: WinRAR 204

Direct Download Link: rarreg.key 474

Step 3: Go to WinRAR install directory by default


Step 4: Paste the rarreg.key into WinRAR directory.

If you want to check whether it’s activated or not, click the about option in winrar


The Ultimate React Js Responsive Portfolio Website Download For Free

Build A Real World Responsive Portfolio Website With Email Functionality using React js, Bootstrap, Rxjs and NodeJS

In this course, you will learn how to develop stunning web applications with React JS,Bootstrap, RxJS, Node Js for the backend and decent number of libraries. I will lead you step by step from scratch to the final stage of deployment.

At the end of this course, you will be able to deploy the Website on Heroku server, push the source code to GitHub.

We will also learn how to use the react Owl Carousel to make the testimonial scroll from the right edge of the screen to the left edge of the screen.

The navigations will be displayed dynamically.

Students will learn how to implement Smooth Scrolling and Fade In Animation

Students will learn how to implement the react type effect changing different text based on timing.

You will be able to learn how to make downloadable pdf files which we implemented on the get resume Button

You will learn how to implement the call to action button using Rxjs

Student will be able to differentiate between Subjects and Observables

The instructor will teach you how to implement the observable and also how to subscribe to it in f=different component.

Take note, the observable we are gonna use in this course is the Subject. The subject is a special type of observable that allow value to be multicasted

Student will learn how to implement Email functionality using node mailer.

You will learn how to use the following packages for the backend

  1. Node Monitor
  2. Cors. (Cross-Origin Resource Sharing)
  3. Concurrently

4. Express Js

You will also learn how to create Middleware

The Link to the Complete Source code and material i used in this course will be in the resource.

Welcome to The Ultimate React Js Portfolio Web Development Course!

Who this course is for
Beginner of Javascript, React, Bootstrap who want to learn how to build professional web apps
All the students who wants to create the responsive website design or development
Students who want to Creative Next Level Portfolio Website
Students who want to build Real world website design.

Sales Page 
Download – MEGA 4.37

Course Password: XDJ

10 Best Free Websites To Learn Programming

Programming is fun! A gratifying experience that everyone must try to engage in and learn. Programming opens many doors that allow new developers to take advantage of and implement new projects.

If you are a beginner enthusiast or just looking to learn more programming languages, what would be the best free resources for you?

1. HackerRank

Photo by Alex Kotliarskyi on Unsplash

HackerRank is one of the best websites on the internet because it offers a wide variety of resources for beginner developers. It has some quick crash courses, including the 30-day challenge to gain more experience in programming languages.

It offers numerous programming languages for coding enthusiasts to learn more and invest their time. HackerRank is probably the best website for you to get hired by a company. The majority of the coding interviews are conducted successfully on these websites.

HackerRank is a place for both developers and companies. While programmers are trying to improve their coding skills to the next level and increase their proficiency by attempting the numerous challenges available on these websites, the companies are simultaneously recruiting the best candidates that can solve their interview questions and replicate the best possible outcomes and results.

2. freeCodeCamp

Photo by Dino Reichmuth on Unsplash

Free Code Camp is a non-profit organization with some of the most useful content and beneficial resources for programmers and developers. It provides enormous quality posts, guides, and material for beginner programming enthusiasts to practice and master their coding skills.

To list some of their fabulous content published on the internet would include interactive learning web platforms for practicing web development using programming languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. There are numerous assignments and practice questions that you can work on alone or in pairs to achieve the desired results.

Some of the free verified certifications on their website include responsive web designing systems, algorithms and data structures for JavaScript, front-end development libraries, data visualizations and data science, data analysis with Python, Information security, APIs and microservices, machine learning with Python, and so much more.

3. GeeksforGeeks

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

Geek For Geeks is one of my favorite platforms for free content on learning more about numerous programming languages and other coding-related topics. It contains well-written, well thought and well-explained computer science and programming articles, quizzes, and so much more to enable the user to gain further experience and enhance their coding skills.

The best part about Geek For Geeks is that you can find useful content on the specific topics and concepts that you are looking for, and they usually never disappoint. If you search for a particular programming topic, there is a high chance that you will receive updated, high-quality posts with codes.

These codes obtained are available in numerous programming languages, including C, C++, Java, Python, and other similar coding languages. You can also refer to this website for learning a more intuitive understanding of competitive programming and participating in various events. It also covers most of the basics required for beginner-level developer enthusiasts.

4. Codecademy

Photo by Joshua Aragon on Unsplash

Codecademy is a brilliant place for beginner developers and programming enthusiasts to invest their time and effort to enhance their coding skills. Codecademy offers free interactive sessions online in 12 different programming languages, including Python, Java, Go, JavaScript, Ruby, SQL, C++, C#, Swift, and Sass, as well as markup languages HTML and CSS.

It also has one of the best platforms for learning to code with a set of tasks that you have to complete to progress to the next stage. This level system of coding and the continuous progression system of programming will help the users and developers to create further engagement and learn more.

You can pick the programming language of your choice and work on it until you produce the most effective results. You learn through code snippets and executing these code blocks on your own. It offers high interactivity to every enthusiast for exploration and practice purposes. You will receive instant feedback that will help you to correct yourself and learn more appropriately.

5. Codementor

Photo by KOBU Agency on Unsplash

DevProjects is a free community where people can learn programming by working on curated projects. Each project is specifically designed by senior developers and mentors to bridge the learning gap between theory and real-world code. Users can discuss project details with peers and mentors and share their code to receive feedback.

If you are looking for more specific projects related to Python, you can check out the following link. You can build a wide array of quality Python projects which have numerous applications in the real world. Developers can make the best use of these projects for practicing purposes, developing their programming skills, and ultimately add these projects to their portfolio or resume.

I would highly recommend checking out the following website as it provides you with the opportunity to build Python projects. And the best part is, if you are stuck on a particular issue, you will receive help from the available mentors who will guide you to fix your problems and achieve the best possible results.

6. HackerEarth

Photo by Elena Mozhvilo on Unsplash

Similar to HackerRank, HackerEarth provides a platform for both developers and companies. While programmers can choose to practice, learn, and develop a variety of projects while partaking in numerous competitions and challenges, the companies usually utilize this website for technical skill assessment and remote video interviewing.

There is also a bunch of interview questions and other ways to level up your coding skills via practice quizzes and hackathon that you can participate and win exciting prizes. You can test out your overall coding skills and improve your programming accomplishments to the next level. If you are interested, you could even get hired by one of the recruiting companies.

7. W3Schools

Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash

W3Schools is a training website for learning web technologies online. Content includes tutorials and references relating to HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JSON, PHP, Python, AngularJS, React.js, SQL, Bootstrap, Sass, Node.js, jQuery, XQuery, AJAX, XML, Raspberry Pi, C++, C# and Java.

W3Schools offers some of the best resources for developers to learn content for free. It has a documentation-style approach for providing information along with useful interactive code blocks, which you can click the “try it yourself” button and explore these options.

W3Schools offers some of the best programming tutorials online as well as great examples for conducting experimentations with code blocks. It also provides you with some of the best references, exercises, and courses the developers and other users to participate, involve, and utilize for improving their productivity.

8. Programming Medium Platforms

Image From TDS

The other websites discussed in this article are helpful in improving your programming and coding skills with actual practice questions and other beneficial resources for different types of users. While that might be suitable for most scenarios, you also need to look into other options that provide you with guidance, advanced tutorials, and other helpful tools.

Medium publications like Towards Data Science and Better Programming are some of the best platforms for users to learn more about programming and also receive assistance on other practices related to coding. The blog posts and articles on these websites are extremely useful for beginner programmers and developers.

Below is a list on some of my programming articles published on TDS that you can check out.

9. YouTube

Photo by CardMapr on Unsplash

While all the other resources mentioned in this article contain mostly theoretical articles and practical guides, it is always a good idea to explore your thoughts and learn more through visuals and images, especially in the form of videos. YouTube is one such platform that is home to tons of free programming and coding content that will allow its viewers to learn and intuitively code alongside the runtime of the video.

My personal recommendation for some of the best YouTube videos to learn to program and improve your coding skills would include channels like Sentdex and Corey Schafer for learning specific advanced programming tutorials. There are tons of amazing YouTube channels for learning programming content, and we will discuss more this topic in another article where we will list some of the best channels that you should subscribe to.

10. GitHub and Stack Overflow

Photo by Radowan Nakif Rehan on Unsplash

GitHub is one of the best websites for any type of coding-related project. It provides you with multiple options. If you want to share your codes or use other codes after forking them, this is perhaps the choice of the website you should look forward to. It is undoubtedly one of the best options that every developer and programmer must consider.

It is easy to get stuck while programming a specific code block. In coding, errors are bound to occur, and when you are unable to fix them by yourself, it is often a good idea to approach experts or other programming enthusiasts. One such website that provides you with an opportunity to get solutions to your queries, doubts, and questions is the Stack Overflow community.

Both GitHub and Stack Overflow are amazing websites that will allow you to engage in conversations with other experts in this field of programming and receive the appropriate solutions to your doubts and queries. The community is extremely helpful, and they will often engage in providing answers as long as you show your effort in framing the question from your perspective.

As a side note, I would also highly recommend checking out discord and slack channels for programming. Finding an interactive community is useful because you have coding enthusiasts who share similar interests, and you can learn more by sharing codes. You can also perform and work on complex projects together or in a group to create effective projects.

Ethical Hacking with Go programming language Udemy Free Course Download

Course Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/golang-hacking/


  • Basics of go language
  • A working PC


In this course we will learn hacking using Go language.  Go is an open source programming language created by Google. As one of the fastest growing languages in terms of popularity, its a great time to pick up the language and start using it.

First we start with learning about why we should use go language and what are its advantages. Then we will start diving into what hacking is and what are different types of hacking. We will learn how to keep ourselves secure over LAN by developing a program for changing MAC address. Then we will create a Network Scanner that will help us in scanning devices over our local network and finding out their IP and MAC addresses. During our course, we will explore a lot of aspects of hacking using go language in detail and use important packages for Hacking purposes.

In the later part of our course, we will start developing programs that will help us in hacking. Firstly we will perform a man in the middle attack using ARP spoofing and then we will intercept traffic between users. Then we will create our own backdoor malware that will give us complete control over the victim machine using a power-shell , i.e you will be able to run commands on the remote PC. We will also develop a functionality to steal user files from his machine using our backdoor.

Who this course is for:

  • Go language programmers who want to learn hacking
  • people who want to learn fundamentals of hacking
Downlaod from Mediafire

TypeScript for Beginners Udemy Course Free Download

Course description:

Course Link: https://www.udemy.com/course/typescript-for-beginners-u/

The course will show you the most important features in TypeScript. In the beginning, we will install and set up the required software together. After that, we will start with the basics and work our way up to classes and inheritance. You are also welcome to watch the public videos of the course to get a taste of it.

What is TypeScript?

Here is a quote from the official TypeScript page:

“If you haven’t heard of TypeScript yet, it’s a language that builds on JavaScript by adding syntax for static types. Tools like the TypeScript compiler just erase those types, leaving you with clean readable JavaScript that you can run anywhere; but those types are there to be type-checked! Types make your intentions explicit, and tools can read and understand them to catch errors before you even run your code. By checking your types, TypeScript can catch errors like typos, logic errors, and more! Beyond catching errors, TypeScript also uses types to power editor toolings like accurate code completion, go-to-definition, and renaming. You can learn more on the TypeScript website.”

The course has the following topics

  • Installation of TypeScript, NodeJS, and VSCode
  • Type Annotations for Number, String, Boolean, Arrays, Tuples, etc.
  • Functions, Interfaces and Classes
  • Inheritance and Abstract Classes
  • Importing/exporting from Modules
  • Utility types, keyof, instanceof and type guards

Become a professional today, in the technology of tomorrow!

See you in class!

Who this course is for:

  • JavaScript Developer
  • TypeScript Developer
Downlaod from Google Drive

TCS Digital Hiring 2022 | TCS Off Campus Drive 2022 Batch | TCS Off Campus 2022 Batch | Hurry Up Now !!

About Company: Tata Consultancy Services is an Indian multinational information technology services and consulting company headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra, India with its largest campus located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. It is a subsidiary of the Tata Group and operates in 149 locations across 46 countries.

  • Job Profile: TCS Digital Hiring 2022
  • Degree Required: B.E/B.Tech/M.E/M.Tech/MCA/M.Sc
  • Batch Eligible:  2022 Batch
  • Experience Required: Freshers
  • Salary/CTC: Rs 7 LPA+
  • Job Location: Across India
  • Last Date To Apply: 2 April 2022
  • Test Date: Will be Announced Soon

About TCS Digital Hiring 2022:

  • The turning point in your career can come early with our TCS Digital Hiring Drive for remarkable engineering graduates from the Year of Passing (YoP) 2022.
  • This exclusive opportunity will lead you towards building a significant career in IT.
  • Join us and shape a career that magnifies your creativity, purpose, and innovative mind. Register now.
  • Streams we’re hiring for: BE / B.Tech / ME / M.Tech / MCA / M.Sc. from Year of Passing 2022

Test Eligibility for TCS Digital Hiring 2022: 

  • Percentage: Candidates should have minimum aggregate (all subjects in all semesters) marks of 70% or 7 CGPA in the highest qualification and 60% or 6 CGPA in each of Class Xth, Class XIIth, Diploma (if applicable), Graduation and Post-Graduation examination
  • Highest Qualification: Candidates should have completed the course in the stipulated course duration (i.e., no extended education)
  • Backlogs/Arrears/ATKT: Candidates should not have any backlogs
  • Gap/Break in Education: It is mandatory to declare gaps in education if any. Overall academic gap should not exceed 24 months until highest qualification. Relevant document proof, as applicable, will be checked for gaps in education
  • Course Types: Only Full-Time courses will be considered (Part-Time / Correspondence courses will not be considered). Candidates who have completed their Secondary and/or Senior Secondary course from NIOS (National Institute of Open Schooling) are also eligible to apply if the other courses are Full-Time
  • Work Experience: Candidates with prior work experience of up to 2 years are eligible to apply
  • Age: Candidates should be of 18 to 28 years of age to participate
  • Courses & Discipline: UG/PG Engineering Courses from B.E. / B.Tech. / M.E. / M.Tech. / MCA / M.Sc. / MS / Integrated BS-MS / Integrated B.Tech.-M.Tech. / Integrated B.E.-M.E. from any specialization offered by a recognized university/college will be considered. Students from the batch of 2022 can only apply for this hiring drive

Application Process for TCS Digital Hiring for Batch of 2022

The application process for TCS Digital Hiring for YoP 2022 comprises of below mandatory steps:

  • Step 1. Logon to the TCS Next Step Portal here
  • Step 2. Register and complete the application form on TCS NextStep portal. Status of your application should be ‘Application Received’ or above
  • Scenario A. If you are a registered user, kindly login and proceed to complete the application form
  • Scenario B. If you are a new user, kindly click on ‘Register Now’, then choose the category as “IT” and proceed to fill out your details. After that, submit your application form
  • Step 3.  Upon submission you would be prompted to the “Apply for Drive” screen. Click on Apply
  • Step 4. In the Track Your Application menu, the status should be updated as “Applied for Drive”

To get test ready with TCS Resonance, click hereKnow more in the section titled “Digital test preparation with Resonance”.

Important Note for TCS Digital Hiring 2022:

  • In case you already hold a TCS Offer, you should not apply for this drive. You can watch out for the communication coming through Xplore to register for the digital test
  • You must have all your original academic documents till date, readily available. Documents would be verified at the time of the selection process
  • Communication related to the Test will be communicated by TCS iON
  • Test mode will be remote only
  • Creating a TCS (CT/DT) Reference ID is mandatory
  • TCS does not send job offers / any hiring related communication from unofficial email ids like Gmail, Rediff mail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail, etc.
  • TCS does not ask candidates to deposit any money for job offers
  • TCS is not associated with any external agency/company to conduct any interviews or make offers of employment on its behalf.

Test Criteria for TCS Digital Hiring 2022:

TCS iON is the test provider for TCS Digital Hiring

Test pattern:

Sr. No. Section Name Time (Mins)
1 Advanced Quantitative Aptitude 40
2 Verbal Ability 10
3 Advanced Coding 60
               Total Test Duration 110 


Apply before the link Expires for TCS Digital Hiring 2022.

Apply Link- Click Here to Apply for TCS Digital Hiring 2022

ICICI Bank Off Campus Drive Hiring Freshers As Probationary Officers- Any Graduates

About the Opportunity: Post Graduate Diploma in Banking (PGDB) Programme for Sales and Relationship Management is an initiative of ICICI Bank in partnership with Manipal Global Education Services. The training programme aims to attract young talent who wish to pursue a career in banking. It is a vocational training programme designed to develop a pool of first level managers with banking knowledge and required skill-sets to perform efficiently in their day-to-day activities.The roles offered on joining the bank after successful completion of the Programme will involve servicing, cross-selling and acquiring new customers through field visits as part of the duties/tasks assigned. Similarly, internship / on-the-job-training periods will also involve these duties/tasks as part of the learning process.

  • Job Profile: Probationary Officers
  • Degree Required: Any Degree
  • CTC: Rs 4 LPA+
  • Program Fees: Rs.3,71,700
  • Program Location: PGDB Course Location IMA, Bengaluru
  • Work Location Across India
  • Program Highlights

The programme structure is as follows:

  • Term 1 (4 months) – Classroom training at IMA, Bengaluru
  • Term 2 (2 months) – Internship at ICICI Bank
  • Term 3 (2 months) – Classroom training at IMA, Bengaluru
  • Term 4 (4 months) – On-the-job training at ICICI Bank

Eligibility Criteria

  • Those who have completed graduation with 55% (Aggregate) marks in any discipline.
  • Applicants below 27 years of age    .
  • Only shortlisted applicants will be invited for the selection process

The above will be considered as the threshold criteria for shortlisting.

Selection Process and Fees of the Training Programme

The selection process for Probationary Officer will consists of

  • Online Aptitude test
  • Online Psychometric Questionnaire
  • Case-based Group Discussion (GD)

Apply Before the link Expires for ICICI Bank Off Campus Drive Hiring Freshers As Probationary Officers.

Apply Link- Click Here to Apply

What is PySQL Framework?

PySQL is database framework for Python (v3.x) Language, Which is based on Python module mysql.connector, this module can help you to make your code more short and more easier. Before using this framework you must have knowledge about list, tuple, set, dictionary because all codes are designed using it. It’s totally free and open source.

Tutorial Video in English (Watch Now)



Before we said that this framework is based on mysql.connector so you have to install mysql.connector first on your system. Then you can import pysql and enjoy coding!

python -m pip install mysql-connector-python

After Install mysql.connector successfully create Python file download/install pysql on the same dir where you want to create program. You can clone is using git or npm command, and you can also downlaod manually from repository site.

PyPi Command

Go to https://pypi.org/project/pysql-framework/ or use command

pip install pysql-framework

Git Command

git clone https://github.com/rohit-chouhan/pysql

Npm Command

Go to https://www.npmjs.com/package/pysql or use command

$ npm i pysql

Snippet Extention for VS Code

Install From Here https://marketplace.visualstudio.com/items?itemName=rohit-chouhan.pysql


Connecting a Server

To connect a database with localhost server or phpmyadmin, use connect method to establish your python with database server.

import pysql

db = pysql.connect(

Create a Database in Server

Creating database in server, to use this method

import pysql

db = pysql.connect(
 #execute: CREATE DATABASE demo

Drop Database

To drop database use this method .

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
#execute:DROP DATABASE demo

Connecting a Database

To connect a database with localhost server or phpmyadmin, use connect method to establish your python with database server.

import pysql

db = pysql.connect(

Creating Table in Database

To create table in database use this method to pass column name as key and data type as value.

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
    "id":"int(11) primary", 
2nd Example Code –

Use can use any Constraint with Data Value

    "id":"int NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY", 
     "name":"varchar(20) NOT NULL", 

Drop Table in Database

To drop table in database use this method .

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
#execute:DROP TABLE users

Selecting data from Table

For Select data from table, you have to mention the connector object with table name. pass column names in set.

Syntex For All Data (*)
records = pysql.selectAll([db,"table_name"])
for x in records:
Example – –
records = pysql.selectAll([db,"details"])
for x in records:
#execute: SELECT * FROM details
Syntex For Specific Column
records = pysql.select([db,"table_name"],{"column","column"})
for x in records:
Example – –
records = pysql.select([db,"details"],{"name","email"})
for x in records:
#execute: SELECT name, email FROM details
Syntex Where and Where Not
#For Where Column=Data
records = pysql.selectWhere([db,"table_name"],{"column","column"},("column","data"))

#For Where Not Column=Data (use ! with column)
records = pysql.selectWhere([db,"table_name"],{"column","column"},("column!","data"))
for x in records:
Example – –
records = pysql.selectWhere([db,"details"],{"name","email"},("county","india"))
for x in records:
#execute: SELECT name, email FROM details WHERE country='india'

Add New Column to Table

To add column in table, use this method to pass column name as key and data type as value. Note: you can only add one column only one call

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
#execute: ALTER TABLE details ADD email varchar(50);

Modify Column to Table

To modify data type of column table, use this method to pass column name as key and data type as value.

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
#execute: ALTER TABLE details MODIFY COLUMN email text;

Drop Column from Table

Note: you can only add one column only one call

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
#execute: ALTER TABLE details DROP COLUMN name

Manual Execute Query

To execute manual SQL Query to use this method.

Syntex Code –
Example Code –
pysql.query(db,"INSERT INTO users (name) VALUES ('Rohit')")

Inserting data

For Inserting data in database, you have to mention the connector object with table name, and data as sets.

Syntex –
data = 	{
	"db_column":"Data for Insert",
	"db_column":"Data for Insert"
Example Code –
data = 	{
	"name":"Komal Sharma",

Updating data

For Update data in database, you have to mention the connector object with table name, and data as tuple.

Syntex For Updating All Data
data = ("column","data to update")
Example – –
data = ("name","Rohit")
#execute: UPDATE users SET name='Rohit'
Syntex For Updating Data (Where and Where Not)
data = ("column","data to update")
#For Where Column=Data
where = ("column","data")

#For Where Not Column=Data (use ! with column)
where = ("column!","data")
Example –
data = ("name","Rohit")
where = ("id",1)
#execute: UPDATE users SET name='Rohit' WHERE id=1

Deleting data

For Delete data in database, you have to mention the connector object with table name.

Syntex For Delete All Data
Example – –
#execute: DELETE FROM users
Syntex For Deleting Data (Where and Where Not)
where = ("column","data")

Example –
#For Where Column=Data
where = ("id",1)

#For Where Not Column=Data (use ! with column)
where = ("id!",1)
#execute: DELETE FROM users WHERE id=1

How to convert your MySQL Database into CRUD REST API

What is CRUD

CRUD is an acronym that stands for CREATE, READ, UPDATE, and DELETE. These four database commands are the foundation of CRUD. This acronym is well-known among programmers, but many software developers view it as more of guidance since CRUD was not made as a modern way to create API

Why Crudigniter

There is single API for everything to perform CRUD, use can easily create record on database with POST, to read with GET, to delete for DELETE and for update PUT. You do this from multiple platform and application because we know this is power of API.

Installation and Use

Just copy the whole program its developed in Codeigniter 4, and add created database and implication from App/Config/Database.php or root/env, make sure you renamed env to .env. There are some classes in App/Controller don’t delete it.

Follow Complete Documentation Here

GitHub Repository: rohit-chouhan/crudigniter



Set filter value to data action in Sap Analytics Cloud

What is SAC

SAP Analytics Cloud (or SAP Cloud for Analytics) is a software as a service (SaaS) business intelligence (BI) platform designed by SAP. Analytics Cloud is made specifically with the intent of providing all analytics capabilities to all users in one product.

The SAC story allows input control values to be passed to Data Action Parameters, but this is impossible with the Analytical Application. But there is a perfect way to accomplish this.

There is no function available to pass Input Control or FilterLine values, but there is one perfectly good reason to do this.

  1. Create Data Actions from sidebar (not from insert tab) on Analytical Application, Add your data action name.
  2. Create new Button, and add this mention code below in onClick()
  3. Replace your Dimension and Data Action Parameter Id, use this code.
Application.showBusyIndicator("Preparing for execution..."); 
var filter = Table_1.getDataSource().getDimensionFilters("your_table_dimension");
for (var i = 0; i < filter.length; i++) {
	if (filter[i].type === FilterValueType.Single) {
		var singleFilterValueCC = cast(Type.SingleFilterValue, filter[i]);
		DataAction_1.setParameterValue("data_action_parameter_id", [singleFilterValueCC.value]);
	} else if (filter[i].type === FilterValueType.Multiple) {
		var multiFilterValueCC = cast(Type.MultipleFilterValue, filter[i]);
		DataAction_1.setParameterValue("data_action_parameter_id", multiFilterValueCC.values);

Application.showMessage(ApplicationMessageType.Success,"Executed Successfully");


Data Action is very useful tool in Sap Analytical Cloud for large calculation, Some of feature In Analytical Cloud its little difficult in Back-end side. So using this way we can use Data Action to pass filters value to Data Action Parameter.