An Interview With Youngest Entrepreneur, CEO of Codesler

Rohit Chouhan is the co-founder and CEO of Codesler Rohit Chouhan is the co-founder and CEO of Codesler, a company that’s offering digital marketing services and an accomplished web developer. He started Codesler in Rajasthan, at the age of 21 with his elder brother. Rohit’s an author as well, and has written a book on internet security.

Q: Hello Rohit, welcome to Startup Fortune, could you tell us a little about yourself and your background?

A: First of all, I would like to thank you for inviting me to be interviewed on Startup Fortune. In quick words, I’m an author, programmer, and the CEO of international digital marketing services company .

I started our startup with my elder brother Rahul Chouhan (founder of Codesler) in January 2019 in Ajmer City, Rajasthan (India). Ajmer is a famous city of Rajasthan, known for Pushkar, Ana Sagar and Khawaja Gharib Nawaz. My Brother is also a programmer.

Q: What was your motivation to start your own company instead of choosing a conventional job?

A: It was not my goal to do my own business instead of doing a job. I didn’t even know that I would start my own business. I wanted to build a better career, so I started working hard in my field. Then my elder brother Rahul Chouhan, who was confident about my skills, advised me to start my own business.

Q: How did your family and friends react when you started your career as an entrepreneur?

A: My family was very happy with my success, they were proud of their sons doing well at a young age. I saw tears in my mother’s eyes, when I told her about the first payment we have received from the company. She is really happy with our success.

My friends were also very emotional with my success and they always motivate me. And today because of their support, I am in this position. At the age of 11, I had done so much that my friends used to tell me that you will surely be successful in the future.

Q: What was your biggest challenge in starting your own business as a very young entrepreneur?

A: That’s a good question, the biggest challenge in starting my own business was that I started Codesler at the age of 20, and I had to allocate time for my studies as well, at the same time. It was difficult to handle both simultaneously but I was determined and managed to do my business alongside my career.

I paid attention to my studies during the day, and spent the nights at my company. I was able to sleep only for 4-5 hours a day.

Q: Could you tell us more about Codesler? What does it do?

A: Codesler is a Google certified international digital marketing company. It provides marketing services like web, mobile and desktop software development, SEO services, e-commerce services, social media marketing services, and more. Codesler delivers services worldwide and our team is available 24×7.

Apart from software development, we also provide services like video editing, photography, poster and logo design, book publishing, etc.

Q: There are many other companies that offer similar services, what makes Codesler different?

A: Yes, we have a lot of competition. What makes us stand out is that Codesler not only provides digital marketing services, we also do technology and software development related services. Above all, we make sure our services meet the quality expectation of our clients to make them satisfied. We have multi-talented developers in our company. The most important thing that makes Codesler different is we learn every day and make sure our team is always one step ahead of new technologies.

Q: Would you like to mention a couple of your clients? Any specific names or brands that you’ve worked with?

A: We worked with many international companies, we helped the IBM (Germany) for improving their project marketing and problem solving on their software side. We also worked with Indian bank organizations. There are also many organizations from various locations in the world including Malaysia, Australia. USA, UK, Germany, etc.

Q: What are the future plans of Codesler, where do you see the company going from here?

A: The company was started just a year ago. We work hard every day and night for our clients. In a year, we achieved so much that we did not even expect. We work on every project as a challenge. Our goal is to push ourselves to the maximum to make our company reach more success.

We want our company to reach a place where we can tell this world about new technologies.

Q: In your experience, what is the most important quality one must possess to become a successful entrepreneur?

A: If I talk about my experience, I have faced many problems in life. In simple words, if you want to become a successful entrepreneur, your time management is most important, where are you using your time and for what? If you are using your time doing the right job aiming at the right destination, you can definitely become a successful entrepreneur.

Q: Thanks again for your time and now, one last thing. Where can we find more details about your entrepreneurial journey?

A: You can find more about me and my journey from my official website, and also on my Facebook account