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About me

Rohit Chouhan is the co-founder and CEO of Codesler

Rohit Chouhan

Rohit Chouhan is the co-founder and CEO of Codesler, a company that’s offering digital marketing services and an accomplished web developer. He started Codesler in Rajasthan, at the age of 21 with his elder brother. Rohit’s an author as well, and has written a book on internet security.

Life Journy


From his childhood, the computer was mourning. In the 5th class, his father took the first computer for his office work. Rohit also used to use that computer with his father sometimes. While using it, he started getting interested in them, and he started using it. By using them, they started to know new things, which was related to the internet, technology, hacking.


As the years passed, now Rohit was in class 8th, he started at home hacking from this. After learning about hacking, they came to know that programming language is used for hacking. Then after learning a bit of hacking, he searched about all these on the internet online and started learning. He started getting interested, but he saw what this Google that gives us anything is. Then he put a brake on it and started knowing how Google made it. He then proceeded to direct web designing and web development from programming. Then by the time he came to class 10th, he had taught web designing, and by class 12th, he had also taught development. Moreover, the years passed, and he learned a lot in school life, related to hacking and also related to programming, designing.


After completing school, he shifted to Ajmer, after shifting he joined college, Bachelor of Computer Applications. He said that he has to go only in development and technical feeds. This is what his family did to him. He joined Dezyne Ecole College in Ajmer, India on 3rd July 2017. After coming to college, he never stopped himself from learning new things. He worked hard every day and kept learning. He said that after completing college, his confidence has dropped further and now he wants to make it even more significant. He achieved a lot in college too and always remained top in college. After being top, his friends and teachers gave him more confidence. He was always the top number in programming and used to do excellent designing. After all, he took the first year of his college with hard work every day.

After completing the first year, he was now in his college in the second year. Here too, he never understood his work. After so much support from friends, now he was happier and always started doing good. In this year he achieved many things, never lost and a; ways get 1st, 2nd, 3rd position, in every coding competition. Also, this year, he had made more than 30 software, which was of high level. He did not believe that he had done so much. He was also awarded the College for Best Software Development. He was pleased that now he is walking excellently.


In the age of 21 years, Rohit started his own business with his elder brother Rahul Chouhan of digital marketing in just investing $890, and now his business net worth is $16,000+ every year.  The Organization name is Codesler.  Codesler was founded on 21 January 2019. Coming to 2020 the Company archived $9000-$11000 stock in a year. its a great success.  Codesler already worked international organization like IBM and Other.


The idea of writing a book came to him when he learned that he has now learned so much. He said why should he also help people so that he too learns something from me and does something. After thinking so much, he took time out at home and started writing books. He had just finished his second year and was now in the final year and then thought of writing his first book, titled “Two Factor Login & Verification – Web Development.”, The edition in which everything will be related to security. After some months of thinking and hard work, he published this book on 25 May 2019, which is now available on Amazon, Google Book as well.

Recently Rohit Chouhan announced that he going to releasing a new Book Based on a “Hacker”. This book will be releasing in April-May 2020.

The story of a book is one of the Youngest Hacker Boy, Who hack the people on him/her Birthday to surprise. Rohit Chouhan said that in this Story he has written something amazing to fall you in the Story. The story has the greatest Suspense.


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